Well let me analyze today’s match for the NEUFC fans. It surely was a big disappointment for us all to watch our team lose by a big margin. Who are we suppose to blame for it? For me the starting lineup itself was the cause for the disastrous defeat. Time and again we have seen the coach playing players who can’t be relied on. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t get the point. Players who can’t be relied on and are not yet ready to be starting are Reagan, Siam Hanghal and even Boithang. You can only play these players when the team is at advantage maybe towards the end of the second half. Two of the goals that we conceded today was because Reagan was not compatible enough. He clearly missed the head from the cross that came in and let Subash head it back to Suniel to score. The fourth goal should’ve been offside had Reagan had some common sense to maintain the line with rest of the defenders. This surely let to the downfall. Siam Hanghal clearly didn’t play like a professional tonight. He played like a school boy. Didn’t expect this from him. He just let the whole team down. And Boithang, its good to see him taking responsibilities on the field but he just can’t deliver. Awful freekicks, corner kicks from him. Thank God that ball went in. But that doesn’t sum up his performance. When you cant deliver from freekicks and corners, you’re losing crucial chances for the team. And those missed chances leads to defeat. The team started really well and looked impressive for some time. But after conceding a goal the team began to sulk. There was hope when we leveled. The second really shocked the team. From then on the game began to slip from our hands, lots of humiliation from the Mumbai team in the second half. Some of the players surely wanted to leave the field in disappointment. I really felt for John Abraham, even his presence couldn’t lighten up for NEUFC. So many hopes have been shattered so much so that we fans have to console ourselves that it’s not our day. Had the team played with an aim and passion and like a rabbit never giving up in trying to save itself from the onslaught of it’s predators then millions of smiles and hopes could’ve been saved. We want our team to play like winners and not losers and definitely not like handicaps. What’s next for us we really don’t know, big humiliation like today I pray never happens again. Good luck for the next match play like a man, never give up, play like you played against Chennaiyin last season, learn to comeback from behind. Fans will love for that more than ever.